In October 2022, we told you the story of Danny Santulli.  A year earlier, in October 2021, Danny was the victim of a hazing at Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, after he was required to drink a bottle of vodka and in turn received alcohol poisoning that left him paralyzed, blind and without the ability to talk or communicate.  In our previous story, the family was about to pursue Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in an effort to help restore brain function for Danny.

Today, we have an update from Yahoo! on Danny since completing 40 HBOT dives.

He’s being cared for by his family in Minnesota, and his dad, Tom Santulli, said by phone Tuesday they have seen small improvements in Santulli after 40 treatments in a hyperbaric chamber.

“We do see some little changes with Danny,” his father said after the treatments, “He’s much more connected to us. One thing is that he’ll get emotional, he’ll have some tears every day.”

They are there to comfort him, but it’s a positive sign that their son is expressing emotions, Santulli said.

While it seems Danny has improved slightly, he continues to need around-the-clock care. Next, Danny will try stem cell treatment in hope he can make a little more progress towards better days, more independence and increased communication. 

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