Danny Santulli’s story about a college hazing night that changed his life forever has been featured over the past year on Good Morning America and Dr. Phil.

The one year anniversary of the hazing incident that left Danny blind and paralyzed is today, October 20, 2022.  The family recently spoke out to the Columbian Missourian giving an update on Danny, and how they’ve been in contact with [who, based on the description below is presumably] Dr. Harch to start Danny on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

These days, they’re trying to keep Danny out of the hospital. That means keeping his throat clear of mucus, which gets trapped on his tonsils and leads to vomiting. Throwing up leads to fluid in Danny’s lungs, which leads to hospitalization. They’re getting better at it.

There’s good news, too. A doctor in New Orleans who has pioneered hyperbaric oxygen therapy looked at Danny’s brain scans and thinks he might be able to help him regain some brain function. There are no guarantees, of course, but it’s hard for the Santullis not to get their hopes up.

“We’re in a situation where we’ll take that chance,” Tom says.

Maybe hyperbaric oxygen therapy will help Danny get some of his brain back. Maybe ongoing criminal proceedings will bring the accountability that Tom wants to see. Maybe in a few months, or another year, the Santulli family will see progress.

It’s what they’re looking for now. It’s part optimism, part fixation on “baby steps,” as Tom terms them.

“A baby step might be really minute,” he says. “To us, it’s huge.”

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