New Day Healing and Wellness, located in Memphis, TN is promoting a variety of self-care techniques.  All too often, we wait until the New Year to start taking care of our bodies, but in all actuality we should each be starting these self-care regiments before the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  By doing so, we feel our best during the busiest holidays of the year, we look our best when we see family again and we can have more willpower to avoid overindulgances.

Another form of therapy is the hyperbaric chamber…which provides three times more times oxygen than normal.

“Your skin, your hair, your nails, from an aesthetics point, your brain, injuries…people with PTSD…we have war veterans coming in,” Day stated. “They’re able to sleep at night because of the healing that they’re able to experience…kids on the autism spectrum…wound healing.”

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