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HBOT Helps Save Legs of Crash Victim

HBOT Helps Save Legs of Crash Victim

Vimal Patel was traveling about 140mph when he lost control of his vehicle.  He collided with a light pole and flipped his automobile onto a city street. Although he was unharmed in many ways, his feet took the majority of the impact and he broke both heel bones...

Clinical Trial – Epidural Calcitonin in Lower Limb Amputation

A prospective randomized double-blind clinical trial design will be used in a cohort of sixty
patients of both genders, physical status American Society of Anaesthesiologist (ASA) I and
II who will undergo lower limb amputation, will be enrolled into the present study. Patients
will divided randomly into two equal groups: Epidural Bupivacain-Calcitonin and fentanyl (BC)
Group and Bupivacain- fentanyl (BF) Group, comprising of 30 patients each.