oxygen under pressure

People who suffer from depression, PTSD and any traumatic brain injury (TBI or mTBI) should consider using HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) for relief and healing.  A recent study showed that HBOT can increase blood flow to the damaged areas of the brain, resulting in better healing the invisible injury.

“It’s known for healing wounds on the outside, wounds that you can see, and they said, you know what if it’s healing so well, (the) wounds that you can see, it has to be healing wounds that you can’t see on the inside,” said Registered Nurse Debbie Buckley. “And now it’s just catching on so well all over the country, for those wounds you can’t see, like the depression, like the PTSD.”

This is not a new therapy, as receiving oxygen under pressure dates back to the 1800s.  Today more and more people flock to get HBOT as they better understand how the therapy works.  Being in a pressurized chamber allows the oxygen to reach everywhere, including the brain and blood plasma, for ultimate healing inside and out.


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