In this Research Rundown we focus on a study out of Turkey that uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and fasting, combined with chemotherapy, to aid in the protection of good celluar activity for increased survival outcomes of Advanced Gastric Cancer.


  • The study combines three anti-inflammatory therapies with chemotherapy – ketogenic diet, hyperthermia, and HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).
  • di Girolamo discusses that one of the areas that the science of fasting combined with chemo points to is a group of women in California that understood the benefits of fasting during chemotherapy; but they didn’t want to wait for a study. They all completed a five-day zero calorie water fast before they got chemotherapy and it ended up that the chemotherapy was very effective.
  • The conclusion is very promising that when you include a water fast and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy into the cancer regiment, it provides a protection of the good cells and aids in the elimination of the bad cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy is very toxic to not only the bad cancer cells, but also to the good cells.

This combination therapy shows that with Advanced Gastric Cancer, adding in fasting & HBOT helps to protect the good cells.

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