In this Research Rundown we review a study that investigates the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat military personnel.  This study is a good example of the studies floating around that could be preventing our American Heroes from getting the help they need and deserve with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


  • The conclusion states that there is not enough evidence to mandate or support its use as a primary treatment for PTSD, mTBI, or TBI.
  • The study reviews several trials, some conclusive, but many good studies that show the effectiveness of HBOT for TBI/PTSD were excluded. This leads to some confusion and an implication that this research is trying to build a case against hyperbaric oxygen for military personnel.
  • The study is funded by the US Navy, but it’s not the position of the US Navy. This is the position of the individuals involved in the study.
  • There was no research done or patients treated during the study.
  • Inflammation is the beast we are fighting, and to win this battle we need to use common sense to move past more animal studies and more research. We just need to treat.

Our host has witnessed TBI patients go into hyperbaric chambers and after 2-3 treatments they are hugging the attendants because their pain is finally gone.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stops those contemplating suicide and taking their own life, so let’s stop all the nonsense, save lives, and treat our military with what we know works.

Read the Full Paper:
Biggs AT, Littlejohn LF, Dainer HM. Alternative Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Military Medicine: Current Positions and Future Directions. Mil Med. 2022 Jan 4;187(1-2):e40-e46. doi: 10.1093/milmed/usab022. PMID: 33564849.