WFMZ-TV 69 reports that the 32-year-old Australian rap star, Iggy Azalea, is doing HBOT for 3 hours a day to accelerate healing after a recent back surgery.

“Every day I lay in a tube for 3 hours and it’s mind numbing level boring. (sic)” Iggy subsequently explained that she listens to music while she’s in the tube. Asked if she’s allowed to choose the music, Iggy wrote on the micro-blogging platform: “Funny story. They do let you pick but it has to be on YouTube. So I picked an album on a playlist and 30mins in it was someone random sneaking their music onto the playlist. I got stuck in there being forced to listen lmaooooo (sic)”

In November, Iggy revealed that she wasn’t able to walk for three weeks after having surgery. The ‘Work’ hitmaker wrote on Twitter: “Wanna hear a crazy story? I was supposed to travel to Australia and film a movie but right before I left I had what I thought would be a rather mundane surgery on my back to fix the issues I had after touring two summers in a row on an injury… . It didn’t end up being very mundane because I had complications with my recovery and ended up in bed hooked up to a million machines and in so much pain there are about 3 days I actually just can’t remember at all. “I didn’t walk except to use the bathroom (a whole other ordeal lol) for 3 weeks and you’d be shocked to know how weak you can get when you don’t actually move. It happens really fast. (sic)”

Cited from WFMZ