Veterans are seeing extremely positive results to treat PTSD with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Andy’s PTSD therapy included hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a cognitive training and a physical and dietary plan. Additionally, during his HBOT “dives”, Andy would play games on a tablet to stimulate his brain.

Dr. Elamir of Aviv Clinics states, “It turns out that PTSD is not just a psychological disease. It’s a brain physiology disease. There are changes in the brain as a result of the trauma of war, for example, even in the absence of physical trauma to the head.”

He says that when they fluctuate the oxygen levels in a specific protocol for PTSD, it can stimulate the body to make new cells. “So, if we want to grow new cells in the brain, we can now do it,” Dr. Elamir says,

Dr. Elamir claims that Andy’s brain function has improved by about 30% since going through the Aviv PTSD treatment protocol.

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