When Olympic volleyball player and model Kim Glass suffered severe facial injuries after an attack in LA, she was referred to hyperbaric oxygen therapy to speed up her recovery.

Olympic Athlete Kim Glass went into Under Pressure Hyperbarics (a prestigious hyperbaric center in Beverly Hills, CA) to receive treatment for face injuries from a random attack that occurred in Los Angeles. Under Pressure is a Certified Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center that has a proven track record of healing a wound 10x faster through oxygen molecules under pressure.

Recently, Olympian volleyball player and model Kim Glass went to Under Pressure Hyperbarics after suffering from extreme facial injuries that included several fractures and eye swelling. After removing several dozen stitches and needing a faster recovery method, she was recommended for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Under Pressure Hyperbarics.

“She is a champ,” said Nicole Garrett. “Her positive energy is what makes the healing process a lot more effective.”

Getting the inside scoop, we learned how this alternative therapy helps patients heal from various injuries. In short, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy allows pressurized oxygen to enter the body and start accelerating healing by sending oxygen into the areas of the body that lack oxygen or need it the most. While inside the tank, you receive increased blood flow full of oxygen molecules that promote healing. The increased pressure allows your body to absorb the oxygen inside the tissues and lower inflammation.

After one session of hyperbarics, Kim Glass mentioned, “This is crazy. Like my eye is literally so much more open than before and this is my first session. I’m blown away!”

To recover and save the tissues around her injuries of the eye, hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerates the normal healing process after suffering from an injury and also provides a safe way for the tissues the oxygen it needs. “The recovery is going well and after a few more sessions, Kim will definitely accelerate the healing of the damaged tissues and in some cases, better than before,” said Nicole Garrett.