In this Research Rundown we highlight the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCCA) Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19; with a focus on the Management of Post-Vaccine Syndrome.


  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is listed as a recommended therapy for those suffering from post-vaccine injuries, as it is a very potent anti-inflammatory therapy.

HBOT has potent anti-inflammatory properties, decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines while increasing IL-10. Furthermore, HBOT polarizes macrophages toward the M2 phenotype and improves mitochondrial function. Surprisingly, it is the increased pressure, rather than the increase in the concentration of dissolved oxygen, that appears to mediate these effects. HBOT is delivered at varying pressures, both with and without oxygen. The addition of oxygen increases the clinical response. Maximal clinical response is achieved via use of high-pressure chambers (typically reaching 2.4 ATM) with 100% oxygen for 60 minutes. If HBOT is delivered using lower pressure chambers (less than 1.5 ATM) without supplemental oxygen, the clinical response, although present, is significantly less such that a higher number of sessions will be needed to reach a clinical plateau. While there is very limited published data on the treatment of long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome, remarkable life-saving benefits have been reported anecdotally. The duration of treatment should be based on clinical response and continue until the benefit has plateaued. If no benefit is evident clinically after 10 sessions, then HBOT should be considered a therapeutic failure. This therapy is limited by logistical issues and cost.

  • The one thing all therapies have in common is combating an increase in inflammation that is being linked to the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The FLCCA mentions that cost and logistics can be an issue to receive HBOT for post-vaccine syndrome, which is why it’s likely listed as the third line of defense in therapies outlined.
  • Our recommendation is to search and find an independent clinic near you that offers HBOT, you might discover a private clinic is offering it in your backyard (or is close enough for suitable travel), thus making the therapy much more affordable.


Read the Full Paper:  I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment