Denzel Ward, Browns cornerback, is finally back on the field after missing 3 games due to a concussion.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helped him get there…..

When Browns cornerback left the Week 5 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, it didn’t seem like he’d miss much time. But with the NFL’s bolstered protocols, that was the case for Ward, who is happy to finally be headed back to action after missing three games with a concussion.

Ward said that the concussion occurred as he attempted to make a tackle, but it wasn’t direct contact. When he hit the ground, his head bounced off the field. He walked to the sideline where he was evaluated for a concussion and after exhibiting symptoms, was ruled out of the game.

The past few weeks in concussion protocol haven’t been easy for Ward, who said it took so long to be cleared because he had minor symptoms that he just couldn’t shake.

“It is tough. I mean, throughout that whole time, I was having headaches, having headaches every day and then in the protocol. If you’re having any symptoms, you’re not able to really progress. So I was kind of concerned a little bit, just like, ‘When are these headaches gonna go away? When am I going to start feeling better?’ But I was able to overcome that and glad to be here now,” Ward said.

The past month has held a lot of treatment for Ward. From light therapy to hyperbaric chamber treatment, and of course avoiding bright lights and loud sounds, Ward has done everything he can to take care of his brain and get right so he can return to the field.

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