In today’s Marietta Daily Journal: MDJONLINE “Ask the Doctors” feature, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is reviewed for the treatment of long-haul COVID.

— A recent column regarding hyperbaric oxygen to treat long COVID-19 prompted this question from a reader. “I got high-pressure oxygen treatment for long COVID at a hospital in Florida,” they wrote. “If it’s available there, why isn’t it available to patients in clinics? Will the Food and Drug Administration approve high-pressure oxygen therapy for long COVID?” You’re correct that hyperbaric oxygen therapy for long COVID is not FDA-approved. It’s what is known as an off-label use, and that plays a role in its limited availability. The treatment shows promise, though, so clinical trials into both efficacy and safety are ongoing. This is an important first step toward getting wider approval. Meanwhile, long COVID patients who want to try this approach should always first consult with their doctors. It’s also crucial to receive treatment only from a qualified provider.

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