100 Yards of Wellness, Clemson’s new $4.9-million wellness space at Allen N. Reeves Football Complex that spans roughly 300 feet in length that has become a central hub of activity and major point of pride for Tiger football.

The treatment and training room area includes all requisite athletic training resources, including a diagnostic office with a full digital X-ray space and diagnostic ultrasound, general medical exam room, 30 yards of turf and hydrotherapy areas, including two underwater treadmills. Among the many features of the recovery center are:

• A cryotherapy chamber for muscle recovery through extreme cold temperature exposure.
• A sensory deprivation float tank that houses 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in water at skin temperature to remove athletes from light, sound and some gravitational force.
• Infrared hyperthermic Cocoon pods for Far-Infrared light therapy and vibrational massage.
• Photobiomodulation therapy beds that leverage multiple wavelengths of infrared light to reduce oxidative stress.
• A hyperbaric chamber to create a pressurized environment for concentrated oxygen intake.
• Numerous massage chairs, including both percussive massage and hydromassage options.
• Percussive Hypervolt massage guns.
• Dedicated tables and space for practitioner-assisted stretching, percussive massage gun therapy and Normatec compressive sleeves provided to each player prior to the season.
• Functional testing equipment to obtain objective information on student-athlete muscle and joint function that can be used for injury prevention and return-to-play purposes.