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Dr. Paul Harch & The Science Behind The Practice

Dr. Paul G. Harch, M.D. has used hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat more than 100 different conditions, including stroke, dementia, autism, and traumatic brain injury. His goal is to help his patients get their lives back using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

He is the author of The Oxygen Revolution and is considered an International expert and pioneer in the field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). His informative, and comprehensive guide on HBOT has helped countless souls better understand what HBOT is and how it directly affects the body at the genetic level.

This episode on The Science Behind the Practice is the fourth in a nine episode series that will be released weekly with Dr. Harch.

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In episode 4 of 9, host Edward di Girolamo speaks with world renowned HBOT expert, Dr. Paul G. Harch on the science behind his practice, Harch Hyperbarics.

di Girolamo asks Dr. Harch to explain his background, and the road he had to take to get to where he is today.

In Episode 4, Dr. Harch tells a miraculous story of how his medical journey with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy fell into his lap during his surgical residency.  It was during this internship when Dr, Harch was in a horrendous vehicle accident and nearly killed.  This led to more than one medical leave of absence.  While out on his second leave of absence after yet another surgery,  his perspective changed; and he started to wonder what he wanted to do with his life.

After not finding fulfilment in an emergency medicine practice, Dr. Harch decided that he needed to follow his true passion and interest if he was going to have any chance of feeling accomplished, and changing lives.

Dr. Harch had a high level of interest in Navy divers and the extreme cases of brain decompression sickness.  He started asking questions about how they were being treated for decompression sickness and why they were not getting better. Dr, Harch refers to the unbelievable cases that landed in his lap as his “Manna from Heaven”. Other doctors tossed these cases to the side, but Dr. Harch decided to try something different with these patients – he treated using lower doses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  It totally reversed what was going on with these patients!

Even though his results were clinically astonishing, the Medical Societies were surprisingly not impressed or welcoming; forcing Dr. Harch to create more research documentation and do more clinical work to prove his success with hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat chronic brain issues. During his journey to prove the results, he was implemental in successfully being able to show brain decompression illness on imaging.  The imaging results were so dramatic after hyperbaric oxygen therapy that the radiologists didn’t even know how to read it! This is about the time when Dr. Harch’s road to patient care took a straight-shot towards healing a larger variety of indications with HBOT.

His goal today is the same as it was back then…. prove to everyone that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy WORKS!  Dr. Harch has no plans to retire and stresses that he wants to see this all over the finish line.

Dr. Harch has used HBOT to change the lives of children and adults; but it was his own life that was also greatly changed by the power of hyperbarics. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has allowed Dr. Harch to take the elements of oxygen and pressure, & implement them into healing protocols that have now saved countless lives.

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    Dr. Paul G. Harch

    Dr. Paul G. Harch, MD

    Dr. Paul G. Harch, M.D. is a clinician in emergency medicine and hyperbaric medicine who is the former director of the University Medical Center Hyperbaric Medicine Department and LSU Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship. Currently, he is a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Section of Emergency Medicine at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine after graduating from the University of California at Irvine with magna cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa honors.

    Dr. Harch initiated and continues to be a private practice that has resulted in the largest case experience in neurological hyperbaric medicine in the world. In this practice, he adapted the concepts of conventional hyperbaric oxygen therapy to wounds in the central nervous system, which spawned the subsequent academic and research practice. Harch HBOT is the best place to receive oxygen therapy treatments, and patients have traveled from more than 50 countries to be treated by Dr. Harch himself.

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