COLORADO SPRINGS — Dr. Kurt’s Place in Colorado Springs specializes in functional medicine. In a previous story we introduced the science and benefits behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy: Your Healthy Family: The science behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In this story Isaiah Vidal, a professional athlete who constantly runs his body into the ground training and competing and Dr. Kurt Perkins, DC, CCWP, CFMP a functional medicine doctor both explain more about the symptoms and other types of people who can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Isaiah says, “When I first discovered H-bot it was one of those things where I’m always looking to get one percent better than my competition so every time I enter the chamber I know i can recover.”

Once a week, Isaiah spends an hour in one of the hyperbaric chambers at Dr. Kurt’s Place, and swears by it’s benefits.

Isaiah says, “I think ultimately what hurts the most as an athlete is tissue damage. You have to understand when you’re working out you’re tearing tissue and then you’re eating to recoup the tissue. When you’re in a pressurized state in a way you’re also in-taking oxygen. The biggest thing for me that I’ve discovered as an athlete from H-bot is that I recover faster. I’m not as beat up, I’m not as sore, I’m not as fatigued mentally, physically and spiritually. Every week I am beating my body up as an athlete day in and day out. So when I come in here I’m able to recover.”

Isaiah says, “I’ve done so much of the research about what H-bot can do. It can benefit any person, whether it’s a mom who stressed out with kids, or the stay at home dad who stressed out, a truck driver who goes from here to California, or someone who just had surgery and their tissue needs to heal. There’s a lot of benefits of what H-bot can do to help tissue that has been damaged. Even your brain is made up of tissue that is formulated by cells. Everything in your body is. Cells carry oxygen through the muscles and tissue that’s been damaged to help facilitate healing.”

Dr. Kurt says, “Traditionally the average person coming in for H-bot they are using it for things like extreme fatigue, underlying autoimmune issues and their body is over inflamed. Fatigue is a condition I would umbrella into brain fog as well.”

If you have any questions about hyberbaric oxygen therapy, or function medicine, feel free to contact Dr. Kurt’s place, they will be happy to answer your questions.

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