After learning about Kendall Jenner’s HBOT chamber, METRO 50 posted an article about hyperbaric chambers… what they are and what are the benefits.

How do hyperbaric chambers work?

Ieva Kubiliute, a wellness psychologist at Oliolusso, says: ‘Hyperbaric chambers are a form of therapy where an individual is placed in a pressurised surrounding to boost inhalation of pure oxygen.

‘It’s normally termed “hyperbaric oxygen therapy” or HBOT and entails increasing the air pressure 2 or 3 times the normal levels, to boost pure oxygen levels in the lungs rapidly.’

So the hyperbaric chamber refers to the pressurised container that’s used to deliver oxygen therapy to a person.

Some people can be in the chamber for varying degrees of time – some allow multiple people to sit together, while others are small and have one person lying in them.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one way to double the speed of recovery and, as a result, it’s used a lot in sports.

Jamie Pither, founder and director of Nimaya, says: ‘Out in the open air we breath about 21% oxygen with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy it gives you 97+% pure oxygen at double the atmospheric pressure. This dissolves oxygen into the tissues and mitochondria straight into the blood plasma cerebrospinal fluid, though the lymphatic system.

‘More oxygen under pressure increases white blood cells that kill bacteria, reduces swelling and infection, and encourages new blood vessels to grow.’


What are the benefits of hyperbaric chambers?

Hyperbaric chamber treatments deliver the oxygen that every cell in your body craves to repair and enhance cellular function, explains Tammy Takkar, the co-founder of specialist centre Active Clinics.

She adds: ‘In turn, it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, improving circulation.

‘The entire process also encourages the release of stem cells, which are vital to help you achieve long-term optimal healing.’


According to Tammy, some of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy include: Stimulate the natural healing process and immunity; Boost vitality, heighten concentration and memory; Reduce fatigue and improve energy levels, stamina and endurance; Improve cell rejuvenation and help with anti-aging strategies; Remove the sensation of brain fog and jet lag; Fight infections, eliminate toxins and debris; Reactivate skin cells and improve blood circulation

Experts say HBOT is used to treat a wide range of illnesses, including carbon monoxide poisoning and certain infections.

‘Hyperbaric chambers have multiple uses but mostly involve adding the amounts of pure oxygen in the body tissues or cells to quicken recovery from chronic wounds, gangrene, and poisoning from carbon monoxide gas,’ adds Ieva.

‘This therapy provides the body with adequate oxygen to aid in combating bacteria-causing diseases, by triggering the production of more growth factors that speed up the recovery process.

‘It can also heal brain abscesses, skin conditions that destroy cells or tissues, radiation wounds, sudden vision problems, burns, and a reverse lack of oxygen in body tissues.’


What can hyperbaric oxygen therapy be used for?

According to Jamie, it can be used for the following:

Injury from sports or just general accidents
Improves blood flow and performance
Speed up recovery by over 50%
Long Covid
Pre and post operation recovery
Increase serotonin
Reduce inflammation
Strengthen the lungs
Cartilage damage
Nerve function
Stimulate stem cells
Promote bone healing
Helps with brain fog and mental clarity
Boost the immune system

Article cited by METRO UK