HBOT for inflammation relief
“A Bothwell patient undergoes treatment in one of two hyperbaric oxygen chambers at Bothwell Wound Healing Center. Patients are exposed to pure oxygen to improve blood flow and promote healing.”

Stories like Pam Harris of Sedalia bring to the surface just how hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) works to treat wounds, and how in severe cases it can even restore starved oxygen to extremities and digits to avoid amputation.

When Harris broke four toes in late 2020, air was not getting between her toes while she wore the boot for healing.  She developed a nasty wound between her pinky toe and fourth toe. Traditional wound healing methods were not enough, and Harris was at risk of losing both toes. That’s when Harris was introduced to the power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Oxygen therapy causes the formation of new blood vessels in a process called angiogenesis that supports and promotes healing. It’s a treatment that has been proven to help you heal better and faster.

Harris had a first-class experience with HBOT, and credits the Wound Healing Center team for saving her two toes .

Harris said. “I had to do the maximum number of treatments, but it saved my toes. It worked fantastically.”