HBOT for inflammation relief

800,000 Americans have a stroke every single year, and it continues to be the second leading cause of death in the US.

Nearly 75% of stroke victims suffer from chronic dysfunction and 15–30% of stroke survivors have a severe disability. Within the last decade, HBOT has been studied and utilized as a therapeutic modality for chronic stroke survivors.

In this article that brings awareness to Stroke Awareness Month, a case study is published featuring a patient referred to as “Mr. Jones”. 8 years after his stroke, Mr. Jones was still in a wheelchair and needed his wife to help him stand and complete normal daily activities.

Mr. Jones underwent 12 weeks of HBOT treatments, composed of 60 sessions, as well as concomitant physical therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychological training and coaching from a dietitian.

After his therapy, his independence was restored. He and his wife are elated that he improved so much, he doesn’t even need his wheelchair anymore!

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