In September 2016 Eli Campbell was bitten three times by a coastal taipan snake – one of the most toxic venomous snake in existence. He was only two years old at the time of the attack, and was left blind and unable to walk or talk for almost 3 months.

“He had to relearn how to sit up, how to eat. For a long period of time we had to keep the lights really low for his eyes and he could only see little light spots,”

In the months following the accident, Eli was diagnosed with epilepsy as he started having seizures in the days after the attack. The seizures were so bad in the months following, that his illness-related fevers would sometimes trigger him to go into full body convulsions with a loss of consciousness.  His parents used money from their GoFund Me to purchase a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for their home. They consider the purchase to be one of the most prominent things they did to aid in his miraculous recovery.

“He is doing really, really well. He is running and talking. Most people have no idea. They just think he’s a normal little boy.”

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