In this Research Rundown, we examine a NBIRR, National Brain Injury Rescue Rehabilitation, study focused on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injuries. We heard a lot about this study from Dr. Beckman, who continues to be instrumental in working to overcome the roadblocks that exist within the veteran community about the use of HBOT.


  • The study was a multi-center study that overall included 32 patients.
  • The study is very conclusive from the standpoint that hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injuries is both safe and effective.
  • There was no outside funding beyond the culmination of the group who got involved to create this study.
    • This study was the beginning of this group’s effort to present the facts on HBOT for mTBI with post-concussive symptoms.
    • The study was released in 2019, roughly 11 years after this particular group met.
  • ANAM test scores were used to evaluate patients before and after the HBOT sessions.
    • Insomnia decreased significantly, as well as depression, anger, fatigue, and anxiety.
    • There’s also a positive increase – happiness and vigor increased.
    • The neurocognitive test scores of subjects improved in 21 of 25 patients.
  • This study uses 1.5 atmospheric pressure. We are at 1.0 pressure at sea level, so it is being increased by 50% at the multiple clinics used to treat the patients in this study.
    • There is no pride in ownership of the facilities, all patients in this study are getting the same pressure no matter what clinic they visit.
  • The CARES Act promotes alternative therapies to veterans; and this study clearly states that it provides the “real world” evidence that the CARES Act requires in order for a drug or therapy to be approved for use. However, as the qualifications and requirements continue to change for a therapy/drug to be accepted, more and more roadblocks keep being put in the way for studies to be accepted, and for veterans to get the treatment they need.

In conclusion, it’s clear that patients are getting better with hyperbaric oxygen. Let’s stop the madness and pay attention to what’s working.  HBOT needs to be an option for veterans, or anyone who is suffering from a brain injury.  Get these people in the chambers as quick as possible, because HBOT clearly offers a tremendous benefit that leads to a cure.

Read the Full Paper:
Mozayeni BR, Duncan W, Zant E, Love TL, Beckman RL, Stoller KP. The National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Study – a multicenter observational study of hyperbaric oxygen for mild traumatic brain injury with post-concussive symptoms. Med Gas Res. 2019 Jan-Mar;9(1):1-12. doi: 10.4103/2045-9912.254636. PMID: 30950414; PMCID: PMC6463441.