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American professional wrestler, Bryan Danielson, was recently quoted speaking up about his own brain health and journey with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

“It’s interesting, this last one, he said, ‘After you start feeling better, we’re going to have to have a serious talk about your long-term health.’ I thought what that meant was, ‘After you feel better, I’m going to talk to you about not wrestling anymore.’

“Then my brain scans came back so goddamn good that not a single person could say anything about it. I do put a lot of work and effort into keeping my brain healthy and doing things outside of normal stuff to keep my brain healthy. I think that’s paying dividends a little bit,” he said.

“The developments in medicine and science are so much better. There is a lot of like hyperbaric oxygen therapy. For those that do care, it’s being placed in a tube where it’s 1.5 atmospheres of pressure, a lot of oxygen being flooded into your brain.

“A lot of the military is doing it for people who have had concussions. It’s not FDA approved yet. That stuff is a long process. I did that, 100 sessions of that, where I’m in there for an hour and a half each time.”