NFL Agent Leigh Steinberg is committed to helping NFL players quickly analyze and heal from head injuries.  It might be impossible to prevent a  concussion or TBI in the NFL, but it’s easier than ever to now heal one.

His homework on healing modalities – things like stem cells, hyperbaric oxygenLED therapybrain body boost, and rTMS sessions – has the potential to change the game.

“I’ve been like Anthony Bourdain exploring the greatest foods, only this is an exploration for new breakthroughs and protocols,” Steinberg said. “If you thought athletes can’t get any bigger or stronger, they can. If you thought injury could never be healed, it can … and faster.”

Steinberg’s thrown himself into the work. Literally, fully immersed. The 73-year-old NFL agent has undergone 150 light stem therapies and 150 hyperbaric sessions, while having 150 stem cells blasted into his brain. The result? He feels great: bad knees cured; sciatica mildly improved, brain function better.

“If you can accelerate the healing process, that makes a big difference,” Steinberg said. “Is there a way to accelerate performance in critical situations? At the end of a game? Can you find a way to create stamina? Productivity? High performance? Mental focus? There is. That’s why I started exploring these different modalities.”

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