hyperbaric chamber Extivita

Extivita RTP is finding success using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to treat veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Under Senate Bill 422, and in collaboration with The Community Foundation of NC East, eligible North Carolina veterans have the opportunity to receive free HBOT therapy.

Simon Ellis Lemay, a retired sergeant major with the U.S. Marines contributes his newfound happiness to HBOT treatments pulling him out of a tragic, suicidal state of mind.

“To imagine being an absolute suicidal and broken person that just can’t go on, I was a lump on the couch for my teenage girls, to get to a point because somebody introduced me to hyperbaric, that I get my life back, is amazing,” said Lemay.

Lemay has completed over 80 HBOT sessions at Extivita in Raleigh, NC with outstanding results.

“If I would not have done this treatment, I truthfully will tell you, I would have been a statistic to suicide,” Lemay said.

WNCT states, “Lemay hopes more veterans will hear about this and start their journey to healing, too. He knows this may not work for every veteran, but it could be worth a try.”

HBOT consists of the patient being in a pressurized chamber while breathing 100% oxygen at an increased atmospheric pressure.  The treatment is used to relieve excess inflammation in the brain, offering relief from PTSD and TBI symptoms. As a starting point, health care staff will typically prescribe 40  HBOT sessions to veterans.

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