Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is considered a “Miracle” for some who suffer from autoimmune and inflammation diseases, like Myasthenia Gravis. In 2017 a Myasthenia Gravis’ patient, known as “Ann”, told her story to Vermont’s Independent Voice Seven Days about her experience with HBOT after being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease at the age of 67.

“For the next eight months, it was just a nightmare,” Ann says. She became very weak and had double vision, and her eyelids drooped. Because she had trouble swallowing, she suffered a severe drop in weight and lost control of her bodily functions. “I was in bad shape … I really thought I was dying,” she says.

For months, Ann took the meds her physician had prescribed but says they only worsened her condition. One night in December, she started vomiting, had severe abdominal pain and ended up on the bathroom floor. The next day, against her physician’s advice, she stopped taking her meds entirely.

In January, Ann tried HBOT at Community Hyperbaric for the first time. She says her doctor at Dartmouth-Hitchcock medical center “pooh-poohed” it, and her husband, a retired surgeon, seemed skeptical. Still, Ann started going three times a week. By late February, she saw promising results.

“It was just a few weeks, and I started taking big steps toward feeling better,” Ann reports. Today, she says she continues to improve and says that even her doubting husband is convinced of HBOT’s value.

“It was absolutely a miracle for me,” she says. “I have my life back … and I don’t think I’d be here today if I hadn’t stopped the medicine and taken this route.”

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