Michael Bear Clair is a former Professional wrestler and Nashville Session player and lifelong touring musician. 

He spent his teen years and adult life playing music for a living and playing with some of the biggest stars in the music industry including Steve Miller, Keb Mo, Hal Ketchum, The Grand Ole Opry with many of the top Country Recording artist. His foray into pro Wrestling in the 1980s led to Bear as he is known, to have over 100 concussions in the squared circle, multiple injuries including 6 spine fractures, both arms broken, femurs broken and more. In the early 2000s he noticed his memory starting to go. By 2013 he was entering the early stages of dementia and began seeking treatment. 2015 he was diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome with possible CTE. He asked the doctor at the Mayo Clinic what he would do if the roles were reversed. The doctor told him about HBOT and the course to treatment was set with Doctor Edwin Zant in Florida. Bear at that point was unable to walk unassisted and was taking 20 pills a day to deal with severe tremors in his left hand and head. He was no longer able to play music and was in a wheel chair when he left for his treatment in Florida. After doing his dives with Doc Zant, he made a full recovery from his brain injuries and has been playing music since he was treated. October 13th 2018 he was inducted into the Midwest Music Alliance Rock Hall of Fame for his work in the Music Industry. He continues to work with Treatnow.org and has help facilitate treatment for many veterans in need. He currently resides in Mount Auburn Iowa and is helping bet veterans into HBOT treatment.

Watch Michael tell about his miraculous experience with HBOT here