In North Carolina, at the Extivita clinic in RTP hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is being used to treat PTSD and TBI in veterans. Veterans gain hope again as they slowly but surely see their depression disappear.  The HBOT therapy is considered life-saving, since suicide rates among veterans remains high.

Simon LeMay, a former sergeant major, served seven tours overseas and is a 25-year US Marine Corps veteran. Before hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments he was suicidal and could not pull himself out of the dark, as his PTSD controlled his every emotion each day. LeMay found relief through hyperbarics at Extivita.

WRAL reports, “After three years of treatments, he’s no longer suicidal, he sleeps through the night and when he wakes up, he feels the same purpose that drove him to put on the uniform in the first place.”

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the reason that my life changed,” LeMay said. “The reason I’m sitting here today, in a suit, is to tell you that somebody afforded me an opportunity to be able to do this, to get my life back, and it brings me to tears and makes me emotional because there are so many people out there who don’t know this is available.”

LeMay’s story is an inspiration to many as North Carolina seeks to help other veterans, just like LeMay.

“The state is moving forward with a new way to help. N.C. formally recognized hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a viable treatment for PTSD in November with the passage of Senate Bill 442, which appropriated $150,000 from the state budget to help connect veterans with the therapy. Veterans looking to apply for hyperbaric oxygen treatment under the new state plan need to contact the community foundation of NC East on their website,, or by phone at 252-756-8549.”, WRAL reports.

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