August is National Wellness Month.  The entire month of August focuses on self-care, and overall encouraging people to implement healthy routines to increase the wellness of their mind and body.

In a February 2022 article, the Metro UK highlights hyperbaric oxygen chambers as an ideal way to meet your self-care wellness goals.

It’s report found that members are booking in for sessions including light therapy, infrared saunas, cryotherapy and hyperbaric chambers in a bid to take their fitness and recovery to a new level.

The article discusses in depth each of the therapies listed, with a focus on introducing hydrogen into hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an increased aid to detox from oxidative stress.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was originally used to treat decompression sickness in divers. It has gained traction in the sports world as it’s thought to help with chronic muscle pain and acute injuries.

‘Our Hyperbaric Hydroxy AirPod at The Body Lab is the first Airpod in the UK where hydrogen is introduced,’ says John Attard, Managing Director of The Body Lab.

‘It is thought that hydrogen might be able to target and reduce free radicals that cause disease, degeneration and ageing resulting from body oxidation.

‘Our AirPod is a 200cm x 80cm chamber that people lie down in wearing comfortable clothing. Inside you relax, answer emails, listen to music etc.

‘The feeling is similar to the sensation when taking off in a plane, but slower. The treatment lasts one hour, where you’re put under 1.3 bars of pressure, which is the equivalent of being 3.5m below sea level.

‘When this level of pressure changes, your body can absorb 30-40 per cent more oxygen.’

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