Image Credits: Yorkshire Post, promoted by Oxify

Breathing oxygen under pressure could offer lasting relief from chronic headaches and migraines. Hyperbaric oxygen is a cumulative therapy, meaning the more treatments you have the more benefit you will experience.  For some patients,  headache relief is experienced as quickly as after one single HBOT session.

Sarah Todd, who runs Oxify centres in Leeds and Retford, says: “Fairly recently we have been seeing a number of clients presenting with persistent headaches, connected with Long Covid, and with migraines. We have been seeing a lot of relief of the symptoms from the benefits of this therapy.”

“One of our clients was being woken up at 4.30 every morning with pain from headaches, and they were lasting all day,” Sarah said. “Since the therapy she has not had any headaches at all, which is fantastic!”

The article also references using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to gain relief from a multitude of indications, including arthritis. HBOT has been linked to an overall natural way to reduce inflammation.