Recently the internet has been abuzz with new ideas to treat COVID-19, including hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy, undoubtedly driven by the fact that until recently there have been few therapeutic options for this highly contagious and often lethal infection. . . . Refractory hypoxemia is certainly treatable with hyperbaric oxygen due to the obvious effect of increasing inspired oxygen partial pressure (PO2), the major reason for using HBO2 for its established indications. However, the length of time during which patients can safely be administered HBO2 inside a chamber is limited, due to practical issues of confinement and isolation from other necessary medical interventions, but also because of oxygen toxicity.

Keywords: COVID-19 pneumonia; hyperbaric oxygen therapy; hypoxemia.

Moon RD, Weaver LK. Hyperbaric oxygen as a treatment for COVID-19 infection?Undersea Hyperb Med. 2020;47(2):177-179.