Aaron Rodgers (A-Rod) spoke with Joe Rogan on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, about tragedy that changed football practices to avoid life-threatening situations.

Rodgers said, “It happened in our league, you know, forever my rookie year. You know day one through day 14 is double days. You know, two practices a day, yeah. And how did that change? Somebody died. And then it was two, and one, and two, and one, and two, and one and then there were some college kids that died.”

Since then, “double-days” have been a thing of the past. But, the situation has also brought to the surface that there’s a lack of education among coaches and players on nutrition, hydration, and even how to treat injuries.

About the old coaches, he thinks, “I think for a lot of the older mindset, older coaches that that’s not part of it, you know rest recovery, hydration, proper eating habits. Yeah, how that affects performance. It never came into effect, you know. It’s like, ‘No, we’re going to grind you and see what your limit is.’”

Although serious injuries are harder to treat, they are avoidable through the implementation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and effective regimes.