According to a world-class Israeli study, Oxygen under pressure can dramatically reduce PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Veterans in the study made such positive progress that they were no longer categorized as having PTSD by the end of the treatment plan.

The Tel Aviv University-led research, based on use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers by 18 IDF veterans with post-trauma, was published in the peer-reviewed journal PlosOne. Hyperbaric oxygen is not currently used for any significant PTSD treatments, and the scientists who conducted the study say it could open a new avenue to help people battling the disorder. The therapy is thought to work by increasing the plasticity of the brain, which enables wounds in the brain tissue to heal.

While not involved in this study, Prof. Hermona Soreq, professor of Molecular Neuroscience at Hebrew University, says that the findings should be taken seriously.  She continues that it’s of utmost importance to develop a novel therapeutic protocol if this is something that can offer veterans long-term relief.

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