Wound Care Awareness Week is June 6-10. Starting in 2014 Healogics®, established Wound Care Awareness Week to bring attention and awareness to wound care, because it is estimated that almost seven million Americans suffer chronic wounds.

McLaren Bay Region Wound Care Center takes this week very seriously and is spending the week educating the public and physicians about the importance of wound care and the solutions that are available.

McLaren offers several advanced therapies to patients suffering from chronic wounds including negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered tissues, biosynthetic dressings, growth factor therapies, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. “Some wounds will heal with good hygiene and personal attention, while other more challenging wounds require medical care that begins with becoming established with a certified wound care center that is committed to your betterment,” said Dr Samuel Hui, medical director of the McLaren Bay Region Wound Care Center. “Our multidisciplinary team has the expertise and access to advanced treatment options needed to identify the underlying cause and develop the highest-level medical treatment plans.”

Chronic wounds impose a risk of infection, diminished quality of life, and even possible amputation of the limb affected by the wound.  It is critical to treat a wound that is not healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy saturates the body with increased oxygen for healing; the body will transport that oxygen to the wounded area that need it the most.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have only made matters worse, as many suffering from chronic wounds have not sought needed care during the past two years. The result has been a steep rise in amputations, according to a study from the American Diabetes Association. With this in mind, now is the time for those suffering from chronic wounds to seek the advanced wound care available at McLaren Bay Region Wound Care Center. To schedule an appointment, please call 989-393-2870 or visit mclaren.org/main/wound-care.

Learn more at McLaren or visit www.woundcareawareness.com.