A woman’s light-hearted TikTok video is going viral after she tells her story of painful hand burns during surgery in Mexico.

While in Mexico receiving a “mommy makeover” Shannyn Palmer’s hands got very cold on the operating table.  She was under anesthesia and unable to tell the nurse that the hand warmers put on her hands were way too hot, so instead the warmers got placed TWICE on Palmer’s hands to warm her and in turn caused horrible, painful burns.  Definitely not what you want to wake up from surgery and experience!

The burns were so bad that by the time she arrived back in the US, Palmer had to have 1/2 of her thumb amputated. The fate of some of her other fingers were questionable, but thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy the future is bright that she will keep all other fingers.

She’s also undergone daily hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments for the past month.

“I honestly think that helped the fate of my fingers and also helped with the success of the skin grafts,” Palmer said.

Shannyn Palmer’s story is pretty wild. We are thankful she is doing better and wish her well on her road to recovery.

Check it out her whole story over at NEWSWEEK

@shannynpalmer Humor is one way I cope with this nightmare. Not so ✨secretly✨ hoping that my favorite TikTokers and followers can help cheer me up during recovery.🥲 #onethingaboutme #superfreakygirl #amputee #burnvictim #fingeramputee #mommymakeover #botched @Elyse Myers ♬ Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj