Radiation can not only kill the tumor, but also the healthy surrounding tissue.  Because of this, cancer patients often find that healing from radiation treatments is complicated and painful.  Thankfully, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is helping cancer patients recover faster and healthier from radiation therapy, and painful biopsies.

Bryan Mugione says hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped him heal.

“I felt rejuvenated myself. I had more energy,” he said. “If you have a wound, a severe wound, and want it healed, I’d recommend it highly.”

Mugione was diagnosed with cancer, but because of radiation and biopsies, he had painful injuries to his mouth and arm.

When a patient uses HBOT, the oxygen + pressure combination saturates your body with a considerable amount of extra oxygen, allowing your blood plasma to carry that oxygen to all the places that need it most.

It can help with relieving pain, creating new blood vessels and reducing inflammation.

“In a normal situation you would breathe oxygen, it would be in the bloodstream carried by the blood cells to where it needs to go”, said Andrea Tomczak, a Registered Nurse Wound Specialist and Certified Hyperbaric Nurse. “But when you receive 100% oxygen under pressure, the oxygen is carried by the entire bloodstream. It just overflows it and spills out into the tissue that is otherwise deemed unsalvageable.”

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