There are many reasons why a woman might be considered infertile.  Her infertility struggles could be stemming from unhealthy ovaries, or even from a thinner endometrium.  Thankfully a non-invasive therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, is available at many health and wellness clinics nationwide to help women overcome the battle of infertility.

Here is what happens in a person who undergoes hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

  1. Angiogenesis – Formation of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels. (Kind of growing new branches of blood vessels from existing larger ones). This helps blood reach further into areas/organs of the body where previous supply of blood was low.
  2. Supply of more oxygen to every organ, tissue, muscle of the body – As a lot of pure oxygen is inhaled, haemoglobin carries a lot of oxygen to all parts of the body resulting in better healing, growth and functioning of the organs. At the same time, oxygen also dissolves in plasma directly (doesn’t happen in normal conditions) and that oxygen also travels through the body.

But how exactly does angiogenesis and increased oxygen promote a woman’s reproductive organs to finally give her a baby?

  1. Higher blood flows into the ovaries due to the regeneration of blood vessels. This results in release of egg with proper stimulation (in those where the egg doesn’t get released on time automatically).
  2. The egg, before getting released into the uterus, develops well inside the ovaries and the chromosomes inside it will be in good shape.
  3. The healthy egg will be in good health and ready to accept a sperm to fertilize.
  4. The endometrium develops better with the thickness that is necessary. This gives the endometrium the ability to hold the egg as well as the embryo in it’s position and the growth of the embryo continues.
  5. The embryo also develops well as per schedule.

A woman who has been struggling with infertility and having difficulty conceiving could find that she has an increased chance of getting pregnant after a few sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Additionally, if the mother is not able to naturally conceive, HBOT has been shown to increase the success rate of IVF Treatment, and reduce the pain associated with multiple embryo implants and failures.