The Hyperbaric Medical Clinic (Estepona, Spain) is making headlines as they continue to show how hyperbaric oxygen is helping countless fibromyalgia patients improve their quality of life.

Many patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia come to the Hyperbaric Medical Clinic in Estepona and this hyperbaric centre offers them a solution to this chronic illness that they are suffering from and which reduces their quality of life.

Fibromyalgia affects mainly women and is characterised by musculoskeletal pain and fatigue, as well as other symptoms such as memory loss and mood swings. It is a disease that is often confused with other pathologies. Most patients suffer and live for years with unrelenting pain before they are diagnosed. It is therefore important to alleviate it as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

The therapeutic arsenal that has been used for the treatment of this pathology includes different types of medication and physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques, which generally do not obtain satisfactory results as the pain perpetuates and becomes chronic.

For some years now, the therapeutic option of hyperbaric oxygen therapy – of which the hyperbaric centre in Estepona is a pioneer – has shown magnificent results. In fact, the clinic’s team has treated many patients who have experienced a significant improvement in their quality of life.


Treatment success in clinical trials

Two years ago Professor Effrati of Tel Aviv University Israel conducted a clinical trial involving 60 women diagnosed with fibromyalgia at least two years earlier. The success of the treatment allowed the patients to drastically reduce or eliminate the use of pain medication.

High-pressure oxygen is therefore medically proven to be the most effective treatment for fibromyalgia. It helps to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia, eliminates chronic pain completely; it helps patients to fall asleep, sleep better and more deeply, so they will feel more rested and will increase their vital energy as well as their mental energy, and therefore emotionally they will be better able to face the day to day and lead a healthy and happy life.