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OxyGeneration in Ireland was founded by Brian Lynch in 2018.

It was a fox hunting accident on 9th March 2015 which would change his life, personally and professionally. This serious riding accident resulted in a broken pelvis plus several internal injuries, a temporary surgery saved his life and he has made a full recovery which included a total of 57 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber in Dublin and a further 37 in Galway. “When I started off, I was so bad with my chest in hospital, that physiotherapists had to come twice to help me to just cough. I noticed improvements straightaway. At the sessions, I met people who avoided having to have their bowels removed; a lot of people who had diabetic foot ulcers who did the sessions to save themselves from having an amputation and a variety of other ailments. It impressed me and inspired me,” Brian recounted.

OxyGeneration is now finding that more and more of their patients these days are long-haulers affected by COVID-19

OxyGeneration has experienced a shift in the uses of its facility on Merchants Road in Galway since the pandemic.  Prior to COVID-19, 34 percent of its customers were to do with neurological disorders such as stroke, memory loss, concussion, dementia and Parkinson’s, 32 percent were for health prevention leading to NUIG completing a study in this area while presently 33 percent of its business is related to COVID-19.

While HBOT is reporting examples of successfully curing long COVID, Brian has observed reluctance in certain quarters. “I found journalists are as conservatives as the doctors, journalists are afraid to say this is a cure for something, they are shy about it. In China and South America, it is used to save people’s lives for COVID and were seriously ill, I was in touch with the man in China who did the first study on this and the same in America with the person who did first study, it worked, it saved lives,” he stated.

An offer by OxyGeneration for University Hospital Galway (UHG) to use the facility free of charge at the height of the pandemic “before anybody died” was refused. “We knew it was a shortage of oxygen but the offer not accepted. We even offered for frontline nurses or doctors who had long COVID to do a trial here for free,” he added.  According to Brian, the hyperbaric chamber at UHG “is underused”.

Seeing positive results has been “extremely gratifying,” the Salthill man admitted. He said, “One lady in the chamber said her feet were blue from lack of circulation, she had no feeling in her toes for nine years but she could feel her toes again after one session. The pressure gets into tissue that it was not getting into previously”.

Other examples by the solicitor include the lifting of brain fog from long COVID sufferers and how an ex Galway footballer who suffered with an Achilles injury for twenty four years experienced “fantastic relief” in ten days.

Demands and exposure for the business has increased considerably on account of the pandemic and various testimonials but Brian has also found time to write a book on oxygenation which he is hoping to publish shortly.

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