If you think Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is just for humans, think again. Today Cleveland Veterinary Rehabilitation made news headlines for their regenerative medicine and healing, including having the only HBOT chamber for animals in the entire state of Ohio.

“The majority of the pets here really, really do get better. They excel. We’re able to not only target pain, but we can work on strengthening them, which is very, very important,” Dr. Surovi said.

What’s important for Moose, is getting that paw healed. So he is spending time in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Cleveland Veterinary Rehabilitation has the only chamber, for veterinary use, in the state of Ohio.

“Any condition where inflammation is present, it can be used for. So Moose does have a wound and that is the indication for why they were using it for him. We’re also now seeing a dog who recently had back surgery, and is having some trouble getting back up on her feet. So using that as a way to decrease inflammation post-operatively is a great option. We have a dog who has an autoimmune disorder, so we’re trying to heal some tissues with that. I mean the list is just really endless, to what you can use it for,” Surovi said.

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