Studies are showing that Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be successful in those who suffer with long-hauler COVID. 

Stephen Dickson, Pharmacist and Superintendent at Dickson Chemist said: “We have a lot of patients who have Multiple Sclerosis and they’ve historically been big fans of this treatment. “Previously they’ve had to travel to the opposite ends of the country to use big diving chambers to use Hyperbaric Oxygen. It was the most requested treatment that our patient group was asking for. “We have a large private healthcare service delivering alternative therapies and this was an obvious add-on for us and our existing patients.”

Dickerson is also using HBOT as an alternative therapy for people who suffer from long Covid symptoms. Long Covid, or a long-hauler, is a term used to describe a person who has had Covid-19 but the effects of the virus have carried on for weeks, months, or even a year plus beyond the initial illness. Many folks suffer from fatigue, shortness of breath, sleep problems, brain fog, and anxiety. 

Stephen continued, “The chamber supersaturates and forces oxygen into all the parts of your body that maybe aren’t getting it.” If you have an hour to spare, you could benefit from the treatment as that’s how long sessions last, and it doesn’t take long to notice the benefits. “We’re seeing people getting benefits from session one, but generally between five to seven sessions is where they’re reporting benefits,” added Stephen.

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