“Long haulers” are those who continue to suffer from COVID-19 symptoms long after the virus invaded their body.  Those still suffering – sometimes months and even a year later – are desperate for relief and continue to seek help in anyway they can.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven time and time again to work to relieve, and even heal, COVID-19 long haulers, bringing them back to their healthy ways prior to getting sick.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (also known as HBOT) is the process of giving the body increased oxygen under pressure.  Hard chambers allow the patient to receive 100% oxygen under pressure, providing the patient with a natural way to reduce inflammation and heal.

Rick Graalum in ND is a long hauler, and has found immediate relief from hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“After my first treatment, my migraines never came back,” Graalum said. “I was seeing almost a total recovery after six treatments.”

At the Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic in Fargo, ND the clinic staff is witnessing phenomenal results providing relief to COVD-19 long haulers.

“Yes, it’s oxygen and pressure,” Paul Watts, director of operations with Swanson Hyperbarics, said.

Once a physician gives the green light, patients like Graalum go in the chamber for the hour-long process. The clinic says the treatments are for everything from anti-aging to Parkinson’s, sports injuries and COVID long haulers.

“80% of our patients were long haul COVID and we fixed them all,” Watts said.

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