HBOT for Conussions.

An old and familiar piece of technology is being used in the northern suburbs for a whole new reason: to get rid of concussions.
Chicago-area doctor Daphne Denham says, when it comes to acute concussions, typically those that have occurred in 10 days or less, this can help.

Dr. Denham says she is doing it with a hyperbaric chamber at her medical offices in Northbrook. She is collecting data and living out her passion of treating and getting rid of acute concussions one patient at a time

Her goal is to see a patient right away within for 12-48 hours. They are often kids coming off the soccer field, the football field or the ice. Dr Denham has seen it too many times. She is a mother of 6 kids herself, all of whom play sports. In fact her second patient at her office was her own daughter.

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