Open Label Single-Center Study of Emergency Hyperbaric Oxygen for Respiratory Distress in Patients With COVID-19


This is a single center prospective pilot cohort study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as an emergency investigational device for treating patients with a novel coronavirus, disease, COVID-19. Patients that meet inclusion criteria will be consented by the hyperbaric physician. They will then be transported from the ED or other unit to the hyperbaric unit maintaining airborne precautions based on the most current hospital protocol. All study personnel will have proper PPE at all times. The patient will then be placed into the monoplace chamber and when the chamber door is closed the patient will remove any respiratory filter/mask that was placed. The patient will receive 90 minutes of hyperbaric oxygen at 2.0 ATA with or without airbreaks per the hyperbaric physician. Upon completion of the treatment the patient will then return to the medical unit and continue all standard of care. Additional treatments (up to 5) can be given if warranted and agreed upon by the patient and all members of the team caring for the patient. After the intervention portion of this study, a chart review will be performed to compare the outcomes of intervention patients versus patients who received standard of care.




hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

Start Date:

April 6, 2020


NYU Langone Health

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