Wounds and Injuries
HBOT helps breathe new life into stray dog

HBOT helps breathe new life into stray dog

Instagrammer Shena saw something on the side of the road near a blueberry field and wasn't sure what it was, at first she thought it was a black trash bag.  Lo and behold it was a stray dog, and it was hurt pretty bad suffering from a broken leg.  Shena tells her...

Clinical Trial – The Use of Pentoxifylline and Vitamin E in the Treatment of Late Radiation Related Injuries

Patients with radiation induced injuries experience significant pain and negative effects on
quality of life. Currently, no standard therapy for these patients exists, with some patients
treated symptomatically, and others treated with hyperbaric oxygen or pentoxifylline/Vitamin
E. This study will examine prospectively the safety and efficacy of using a regimen of
pentoxifylline and vitamin E in patients with late radiation induced injuries.