Wound Heal

Clinical Trial – Microlyte Dressing in the Management of Wounds

The purpose of this pilot study is to assess the efficacy of Microlyte Ag wound dressing when
used in complex skin wounds. Microlyte Ag is a class-II medical device cleared by the FDA for
prescription and over the counter use in humans. Primary clinical end point of study is
percentage change in wound size from initiation of Microlyte Ag treatment through 90 days or
until wound closure. Patient population comprises patients referred to Mission’s Wound
Healing and Hyperbaric Center for management of their wounds. Targeted enrollment is 100
subjects distributed into 4 study cohorts corresponding to the type of wound treated: venous
stasis ulcer (20 patients); diabetic foot ulcer [DFU] (20 patients); pressure ulcer (20
patients); wounds of various other etiologies (40 patients).