Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Clinical Trial – Hyperbaric Oxygen for Carbon Monoxide Induced Chronic Encephalopathy

in some patients, a few days or weeks after they recover from carbon monoxide poisoning they
develop new symptoms. These can affect mood, ability to think or remember clearly, and
movements. Some people develop movement problems that are similar to Parkinson’s disease.
This damage to brain tissue is called "encephalopathy," and this study will look at the
effect of pressurized oxygen therapy on long term, or chronic, encephalopathy.

Treatment with normobaric or hyperbaric oxygen and its effect on neuropsychometric dysfunction after carbon monoxide poisoning: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Abstract: Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning may result in acute neurological sequelae, cognitive sequelae, and delay neurological sequelae. The administration of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) to prevent the development of delayed neurological sequelae in CO poisoning have...