DailyMailTV finds Michael Jackson’s HBOT Chamber

DailyMailTV finds Michael Jackson’s HBOT Chamber

This is the oxygen chamber Michael Jackson famously used to combat the ravages of time - uncovered by DailyMailTV gathering dust in the back of a warehouse. The King of Pop posed for a now-legendary photo showing him lay inside the $100,000 glass chamber in 1986. He...

Clinical Trial – Angiogenesis Induced in the Elderly by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Recent studies show preliminary evidence of HBOT therapeutic effects on angiogenesis,
increased tissue blood flow and oxygenation correlated with tissue function.

Our primary hypothesis is that HBOT will have beneficial effects on the above mentioned
organs associated with aging-related malfunctions due to restored mitochondrial function,
mobilization of stem cells and induction of angiogenesis.