C-Suite executives are being encouraged to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  The average age for this upper level executive is above 40, so these people are often in need of some natural rejuvenation. By participating in HBOT sessions, the oxygen in the body in increased by almost 20 times through the patient’s time in a pressurized chamber while breathing 100% oxygen.

“That’s beneficial because it gets oxygen to tissue, which otherwise it’s difficult to reach. And as we grow older, the microvessels in our brain and our body become narrowed or occluded. So it becomes more difficult for oxygen to reach the brain and body tissues. So we get more oxygen to the tissue. What that does is it triggers regenerative processes in your body. It triggers stem cells in your body to produce themselves. And we have those in our bone marrow, liver, hippocampus in the brain, and it also triggers blood vessels to grow.”

CEOs or C-suite executives need to be on their game, and maintain high performance. HBOT helps them do so by increasing stamina, improving cognitive ability, and kickstarting physical and mental performance.

Another benefit highlighted by Frayne is the increase in telomere length in the human DNA, which is known as a biomarker for age longevity. “It ensures that your cells replicate for longer. And we also reduce something called senescence cells. When cells stop replicating, they can become problematic. They can become cancer cells. And we stop that from happening,” he added.

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