Continued research published in the National Library of Medicine points towards the clinical advancements of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to efficiently treat the symptoms related to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. A new report released by Bell Family Chiropractic raises awareness about HBOT and it’s use in Alzheimer’s patients.

Knoxville, Tennessee–(Newsfile Corp. – July 22, 2022) – Bell Family Chiropractic, a clinic located in Knoxville, has released a new report on hyperbaric oxygen therapy – a new treatment for early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. More details can be found at

The report is released as an educational resource to help those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease understand the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

The latest resource cites an article published in Physics World, which states that HBOT could “provide the means to slow progression, or prevent development of Alzheimer’s disease.” The studies conducted on test mice have shown that this treatment was able to reduce the volume of amyloid plaques – clumps of protein – which are one of the main indicators of Alzheimer’s. Bell Family Chiropractic points to further research studies which suggest that hyperbaric oxygen therapy could, in certain cases, prevent the formation of amyloid plaques by improving blood flow to the brain. According to these studies, HBOT helps to clear pre-existing amyloid plaque, improving cognitive ability in early-onset Alzheimer’s patients. The new report was released to explain the potential benefits of this new treatment, which can include improved spatial recognition memory and contextual memory. It explains that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can allow patients to breathe air that is above atmospheric pressure (1.3 ATA). The increased pressure pushes more oxygen into the red blood cells, which triggers the body to enter a healing state.

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