Clinical Trial – The Effects of Ilioinguinal Nerve Block on Chronic Pain in Patients in Inguinal Hernia With Spinal Anesthesia

Regional anesthesia is a popular anesthetic method in patients who will undergo an inguinal
hernia operation. Researchers known that pain in the operating area is a complaint that
impairs the quality of life for patients in the long term after the operation. In addition to
regional anesthesia, has planned to investigate the effects of applying another drug near the
surgery area on pain that may develop in the long term.

Clinical Trial – The Efficacy of Pain Control After Total Hip Replacement Between Ultrasound Guided Supra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block and Intrathecal Morphine

Total hip replacement is one of major orthopedic surgery which result in severe postoperative
pain especially at first 24 hours. Ultrasound guided regional anesthesia has become a part of
multimodal analgesia.Ultrasound guided supra-inguinal fascia iliaca block is a new technique
which can consistently cover femoral and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. And with large
volume (40ml), it may cover obturator nerve. This technique already proved to be useful for
acute pain control in hip fracture or postoperative control in dynamic hip screw or nail
insertion operation. However, it has not been compared with intrathecal morphine for total
hip replacement yet.

Clinical Trial – Erector Spinae Plane Block for Postoperative Pain Control in Hip Replacement Surgeries

ESP block advantages include its simplicity, easy identifiable ultrasonographic landmarks and
low risk for serious complications as injection is into tissue plane that is distant from
pleura, major blood vessels and discrete nerves. Coupled with the fact that the erector
spinae muscle and ESP extend down to the lumbar spine, ESP block was hypothesized to be
performed at the level of L4. In a recent case report, ultrasound guided ESP block was
successfully performed at L4 transverse process level for postoperative analgesia after total
hip arthroplasty. However, confirmation of the efficacy of ESP block in hip replacement
surgeries needed more investigation.